My way of travelling

Because I love to travel but I’m not rich, I have to travel on a low budget.
Organize your own travel

I always check for flights online and compare the different websites for the cheapest flights.

I like to stay in hostels. They are mostly cheaper than a hotel and even better when you travel alone. A Hotel room for one person is really expensive. And you are alone in your room. In a hostel you can meet other people, learn from each other and you don’t feel so alone. Often the hostel includes a bar where you get a free drink or the offer pub crawls with a lot of fun.

This could help saving some money instead of going to an travel agent.
In my luggage I always have the following things:

– travel towel
They are made out of microfiber and don’t feel that good as a normal towel. But they are really small and dry fast. And you get used to the feeling 

– My Camera
To capture the moment and all the beautiful things.
But never forget to see the world with your own eyes, not just through your lens.

– Notebook
On my travels I always write down at the end of the day what I have experienced. So I won’t forget it.

– Sunscreen
My skin is very light so it burns really fast. So I always carry a little bottle with sunscreen with me.

– A book
I like reading, like you live in another world. It is really relaxing for me. On the plane, on the beach or in a nice park.

– Wet wipes
If you want to refresh yourself but there is no bathroom in the area.

– combination lock
My luggage is always locked when I’m not around. So my stuff is safe. But I use a lock with numbers, so I can’t lose my key.


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