Places I’ve been


I love travelling (I’m not sure if I have mentioned that already :D)!

And for the fact that I have started travelling outside Germany when I was 18 years old, I’m happy with the places I’ve seen until now.

When I was younger my family and I made holidays most time in Germany like in the north at the ocean or in the south at the Lake of Constance. Then we always made daytrips to the next big city (like Hamburg, Bremen, Constance)

A month after my 18th birthday I traveled with friends to Mallorca and so I had my first flight and I loved it. A few months later I traveled all by myself to Helsinki. It was a bit weird being all alone but I also enjoyed it. So you can do what and when you want, you don’t have to do compromises. But after a week away I was happy to be home again 🙂

In the following years I travelled quite a lot by myself but also with friends, it was a good mix.

I’ve been to London like 4 of 5 times. My cousin lived there and so I had always a place to crash and I just love this city. You can always see something new and you can meet interesting people from all over the world.

In the following weeks / months I will post every second week a travel throwback.

A big help to remember your experiences is to write it all down. I write down what I have done that day in keywords, so I can always remember and relieve the moment when I need to.  🙂

– Bremen
– Berlin
– Hamburg
– Köln / Cologne
– Hannover
– Frankfurt
– Konstanz
– München / Munich
– Stuttgart
– Mannheim
– Heidelberg
– Karlsruhe
– Lübeck
– Cuxhaven
– Bremerhaven

– Helsinki (Finland)
– London (GB)
– Brighton (GB)
– Amsterdam (Netherlands)
– Paris (France)
– Palma (Spain – Mallorca)
– Venice (Italy)
– Milan
– Genova
– Copenhagen

North America:
– New York City
– Philadelphia
– Washington D.C.

Central America:
– Dominican Republic



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