Work & Travel


This year I finally made my big decision, which I wanted to do for a few years now.
I’m going to leave my safe place at home, I have quit my job and will start travelling in September. Yeahh!!
Finally, I decided to go and make Work & travel in Australia like it was always my dream.

13 years ago, my older cousin went after her graduation to Australia for work & travel. I was like 10 or 11 and was fascinated that my cousin was on the other side of the world but I didn’t really got what she was doing there. My sister always showed me her mails so that we still had a connection.
When I grew older I was always fascinated by the big world and one day I wanted to travel far away and do such a thing like my cousin, doing work & travel.

So in school, when we had to do a presentation I always choose a country. I made my projects about Tasmania, Australia and Finland.
But I “just” finished middle school and at that time I wasn’t old enough for travelling alone. I just turned 16.
I started an apprenticeship for 3 years in an office where I stayed for work and where I am still now. I really like the work here. I’m in the sales department where I have contact to our customers all over the world.

But this year in January I finally decided to quit my job for the middle of the year and started organizing my year abroad.

First I wanted to do it all by myself but in the end I decided to join an organization or work & travel. Online you can find tons of information and opinions for and against an organization or planning all alone. It is up to yourself and in my case what is best for my parents 😀
So I ordered some prospects from some popular organizations and also went to Stuttgart to a fair. They are all really the same and I think  the price isn’t really different. But I looked at the programs and by decision was for PRAKTIKAWELTEN.

As I flipped through the pages I fell in love with one of their program with sea turtles.
In September I will start with 3 weeks on Bali / Nusa Penida and then afterward my adventure starts in Sydney / Australia.

Over the next weeks / months until my takeoff to Bali I will write down what I have to do before and what I am planning.

Can’t wait till September 🙂


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