Last week I had a day off to travel to Frankfurt. In September I will travel to Bali / Indonesia for a volunteering program and for this I need a social visa.

Before I had to prepare my documents for the application:
a copy of my passport, invitation from the organization on Bali, flight confirmation,
copy of the money transfer for the fee, filled application form, proof of savings,
post stamps (If you don’t get it by yourself).

The train (DB) is in Germany in general really expensive. But I’m not allowed to drive at the moment 😀 (I lost my driver license for 4 weeks) so I had no choice. But on the website “LTUR Bahn” are sometimes really cheap tickets available. So I paid like half the price than usual.

On my way to Frankfurt I had an ICE and was there within an hour. Arrived there I headed straight to the embassy of Indonesia.

This is located in an lovey small house. The people there were really friendly and just one person was in front of me. So after like 10 minutes of waiting it was my turn. I handed all my documents over but the man wasn’t satisfied with all of them.

For you visa you need to have a flight ticket to and from Indonesia. But I only had my flight plan listed from my organization because I didn’t booked my flight by myself.

Later in the days I called my organization but they didn’t know what to provide (but I thought this is their job??) But in the end we figured it out and was able to send the confirmation afterwards by fax. They said the visa will be sent to me after approx. 7 working days.

After the embassy, it just took me about 20-30 minutes, I had plenty of time (about 5h) to discover the city. It was my first time in the city. Of course I had been at the airport a few times but never in the city itself.

So  I took the train back into the center and visited the shopping center MyZeil. It has a great architecture from the in- and outside…like a swirl.

Great shops are inside but I didn’t wanted to shop. Or of course I would want to but I already have so much clothes and for my year abroad I can only take with me little of it. So I don’t want to make the choice harder than it already is.

But I shopped in the store Lush. I never had one of their products but on one travel blog I read about their soap. It is a round piece of soap which you can use for your hair. I want to try this, because it sounds really useful for light packing.

On the top of the center you can have a beautiful look around the city. But I wasn’t lucky that days…it was all rainy and cloudy so the view was more grey than beautiful.

I still had like 3,5 hours’ time till my trains departures and I decided to take a trip on the river main on a boat. I didn’t wanted to walk around in the rain. The boat drove up and down the river and I had a warm and dry place 🙂 I love the trips from the water. Here you can see another perspective and on that day you won’t get wet.

After the boat tour I had enough time to get something warm to eat. I made my decision for Vapiano. It is fresh, fast and delicious. I’ve been there already in November before my flight to NYC.

With an full and satisfied stomach I went back to the main station where my train was there 20 min before departure. So when I entered the train was empty…what a luxury. I a train I always look for the direction, in which we are driving and for a seat on the window. A special point is when there is some power available but for 1h drive I didn’t needed it.

Back at home, of course how could it be different, the sun was out and the weather was beautiful. So I was able to enjoy the evening.

And know I’m looking forward to the arrival of my visa 🙂


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