Music – Part 1

Playing my songs is the way I cope with life.
A Day To Remember, All I Want

Music can be magic. It can make you feel happy, sad and also nostalgic. There’s music for all kinds of situation in your live.

On one hand I love making music by myself. I play in an orchestra the clarinet and saxophone. And in my free time I can also play a little bit piano. It makes a lot of fun making music with other people, so you create something.

One the other hand I also like listening to music. I prefer Rock,  Alternative and Punk but I like also other Genres.

The best ways to celebrate the music of different bands / artists with your friends is on a festival. Here you stay together, most for a few days, like you are on holidays. And by the way you have a bunch of artist you can chose and listen to and just have fun.

In 2014 I visited my first Festival and I have been to a few since then. Of course the weather isn’t always the best but you can also have a lot of fun in the rain and mud 🙂

Going to concerts is also a lot of fun. It’s funny how different the people are. Some stand in the back of the hall and are just enjoying and standing there at one place. Other people want to stand in the front row, are singing until their voice is gone and are in the middle of the circle pit.

But in the end, the most important thing is that everyone had their fun 🙂

Another experience which I like is going to musicals. The mix of music, dancing, acting and singing is for me fascinating. It’s great what these actors bring to stage and enchants the audience. Like in books you can experience another world but this time it’s live and with beautiful music 🙂


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