Festivals – Music Part 4

I’ve been to festivals several times. I like the atmosphere there. The people want to be there and celebrate the same music as you do. So you have a big family which helps each other of you have missed something to pack.

I’ve never been to a place before where you can sit down with strainers and you become offered a beer 🙂

Rock am Ring

In 2014 I’ve visited my first “real festival” – Rock am Ring. Since I was little I watched it every year in front of the TV and now I will be part of it. I was really excited and looking forward to it. The preparation was a bit mess because I had no idea what to expect but luckily I went with some friends which have been a few times already. So they gave me some tips. But in the end of course I over packed 😀 But this was an advantage for the others. I was prepared for every situation and in the end they called me Hermione with the endless bag J

The weather was also beautiful and really hot. Till now it was my favorite festival. With the people, the bands and the weather!

In 2015 we had one night with a thunderstorm and heavy rain so my tent was filled up with water.  But luckily the next day was full with sunshine so my things got dry J

And in 2016 was the whole weekend a storm and the festival was cancelled a day early. But we still had a lot of fun in the mud with our rubber boots.


In 2014, my first year of festivals, I’ve also visited Rock’N’Heim. The weather was bad and also the ground smelled like on a farm L But we had still fun and I was ill two days later.

Rock am See

In 2011 I visited for the first time Rock am See. It’s called Festival but it’s just one day so for me it is a concert with lots of lovely bands J I went all by myself, fresh 18 years old and full with love of adventure. I drove there with my car and couchsurfed for the first time. It was really fun. The women where I could sleep had a younger sister which was also going alone so we went together and had a lot of fun.

Last year, in 2016, I went again but this time with a friend.We couchsurfed again and had a lovely place to stay. In the Middle of the old town with a really friendly young couple. It was raining the whole day of the music but we had a blast J


Festivals I’d love to visit someday are:                                                                                               Sziget Festival (Hungary)                                                                                                                     Reading and Leeds Festival (Great Brittan)

– Rock am See 2011
– Rock am Ring 2014
– Rock’N’Heim 2014
– Rock am Ring 2015
– Rock am Ring 2016
– Rock am See 2016
– Das Fest (several times)


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