Travel Throwback – Amsterdam


Every few weeks I will write down a throwback to an old journey of mine. I always keep my boarding pass, my list of things I’ve done and the flyers I collected. But this stuff is always somewhere so I decided for me to write a little summary for each journey. So here I start with my trip to Amsterdam in August 2016.



On Friday I traveled directly after work with to colleagues towards Amsterdam.  After 6 h in the car and some little conflicts about the music we arrived save at our hotel.

There was our first and luckily only surprise. We have booked a room for three persons ( Double room with extra bed) but the staff at the reception had no information. They asked if we had wrote an email but to be honest, we didn’t thought about that because in the booking it was written like we needed. So after 20 min of waiting they solved the problem and we checked in.

We quickly put our luggage into our room, changed and headed towards the city. The car should stay at the hotel so we went to a bus and train station. To read the schedule wasn’t that easy, to find the perfect tram but we finally found our way.

The first target was the “Magere Bruck”. A often used motive for post cards but to be honest, in real it doesn’t look that impressive. While it got dark we walked along the canal. It is a really beautiful city with all this canals, the flowers on the side and the house boats. So it was a really nice walk, which ended at the “SkyLounge”. This is on top of the Hilton Hotel (11th floor). The view is really beautiful and entry is free. Some days there is also some life music. But the prices aren’t really for a small wallet so we went back to the hotel without drinking a cocktail.

This time we took the bus, which was a racy trip.



This days was our only whole day.

Early in the morning we went into the city to eat breakfast. We decided for a lovely little shop which is called “The happy pig”. They serve Pancakes and waffles. They are really delicious and they make you to be full up.


Directly afterwards we went to the Dungeon. It was still early so we didn’t had a big group. I’ve never been to such a thing before so I didn’t know what to expect. At the beginning it was really scary, the room turned dark and I had no idea of what was going on. But after a little time I got it and it was really fun.


The Dungeon is near the shopping street and so of course we three girls went through some stores which aren’t available in our city like River Island, Pull & Bear and Forever 21.

The next girlie thing was the flower market. We strolled around till we came to the end of it and then we went near the Carlsberg experience to start our river cruise. I love seeing the city from the water and especially in Amsterdam with all these lovely canals it’s a good way to experience the city.


While the river cruise we looked out for our next walk afterwards. And we decided to have a walk through the Jordan quarter where is also the “Anne Frank house” . The que there was really big so that we decided not to go inside. We would have wasted a lot of time in that que. But we were in front of it and walked down the canal and sat down at a sweet little cafe.

For the evening we just walked through the streets, ate an awesome burger and ended the day withsome good cocktails (area of Rembrandtplein).



Soon was the night over and there it was… Sunday. After check-out we went by bus to the centralstation (which isn’t really impressive inside) and walked towards the library. At the 6th floor you have a good view above Amsterdam.


After that we relaxed on top of the “NEMO-Science-Museum” which is pretty awesome. You have a great look around and there are some water games and some lovely seats.


But unfortunately our departure time  came closer so that we went to VAPIANO to eat some pasta and headed back to the hotel to get into our car and drove home.


It was a really nice trip, short but good. I’d like to come back to this city sometime.


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